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TapesTape Backup

By storing your data on backup tapes you are protecting your data cost effectively and safely. Tape backups are the traditional way of archiving and protecting your data. Create backups on tapes facilitating off-site storage of mission critical data. Prodives fast, secure scheduled backups of your data.

ExtHDDExternal HDD

Solutions with external disk drives are fast becoming more popular as the data backups are getting larger than ever. As the capacity for backups increases, the reliability of external hard disks are an easy and affordable means of backing up a computer system.

An external hard disk is easy to use, since the drive can be written to just like an internal drive. An external disk is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional data backup solutions. In addition, portable hard drives offer the ability to take data anywhere.

Hard DriveDisk Image

By making a disk image of your computer you can protect your data and recover from a virus attack or a hard disk failure relatively easily. You can also move the whole system to other identical Computers by having your information duplicated. This is called hard disk cloning. The image can be stored on a Server, external HDD, memory stick or DVD if not too large for the latter two devices.


A DVD can hold 4.7 GB single side and 8 GB on a double sided DVD. You can store even more data by using compression. This makes it both feasible and practical to make a backup of a hard drive on only a single DVD. You can use more than one DVD if your data backup exceeds the capacity of a single disc. Blu-Ray disc can hold upto 50 Gb.

You should look for a player with burner capacity that can work with CD/DVD or Blu-Ray.

RaidArrayMirrored Disks

Selecting the proper solution of mirrored disks for your Server or PC can mean the difference between having your data intact, and losing all of your data. Given the large amounts of data stored on Servers, there is a need to keep that data secured against hardware failure. In most circumstances, a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) array is the best way to protect your data, supplimented by a Server backup product. However, there are several different implementations of RAID, each with its own specific drawbacks and advantages.

PenDriveMemory Stick

Memory sticks (Pen Drives) are increasing in capacity and are becoming very useful devices for storing data. We wouldn't recommend them for permanent long term data storage but are ideal for making backups of important data. They are easily mislayed, damaged and abused but are cost effective, light and very useful devices.

As you can see there are numerous ways of backing up your data. We can help you make the right choice, by drawing on the many years of experience we have, protecting not only our own data, but more importantly our customers data.