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Scanners are designed to provide an easily affordable way to convert documents, photos, drawings and other images into digital files for sharing, reprinting and storing.

Flatbed Scanners operate in a similar manner to Photocopiers. Lift the lid, place your document on the flatbed sheet of glass, close the lid and scan.


ADF ScannerMore advanced Scanners offer features such as ADF ' Automatic Document Sheet-Feeder', where multiple sheets are fed from a tray. The documents can be saved individually or combined to produce a single document on your PC.

All in One Printers offer Scanning capabilities and don't even need your PC to be connected or switched on to function. Standalone Scanners, particularly the Photo Scanners give a higher resolution and better quality than the All in Ones and can scan your 35mm slides.

OCR 'Optical Character Recognition' software, included with most Scanners, extracts text from a scanned document and saves it directly into files which can be opened and edited with software such as Microsoft Word.

If you already have a Printer, the addition of an affordable Scanner means you basically have a Photocopier.

A colour Printer means you get Colour Photocopier capabilities at a fraction of the price.

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