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Power Protection



A UPS 'Uninterruptable Power Supply' is a device that provides a continuous power supply to your Computer when the mains fails. It also filters the power supply to your Computer keeping it at a constant voltage. It provides power for only a relatively short period of time, between 5 - 15 minutes on average. This is sufficient to allow time to bring an auxiliary power source on line, or to properly shut down the protected equipment.

You can provide a single UPS for each PC, definitely one for your Server but they are not required for Portables, since they have their own battery backup. The more expensive models are connected to the Computer/Server, usually via a USB lead, allowing the Computer to monitor battery levels so they can shutdown gracefully when the batteries are almost out of power.

Surge Protectors

Surge ProtectorA surge protector prevents extra voltage getting to your Computer. Electrical surges can damage a Computer internally. It is a common misunderstanding that surge protectors will protect from lightning.

Even the most effective surge protectors cannot protect equipment from lightning. The best way to prevent damage during a lightning storm is to unplug the equipment from the mains.