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Printer Repair

Laser PrinterHaving trouble with your printer....., don't throw it away. Particularly if its a Laser Printer. All printers have a finite life, but many manufacturers like HP, provide repair and maintenance kits to enable their printers to be refurbished. Many HP laser printers will print up to 200,000 pages without a problem. At this level parts wear out and should be replaced. We have the expertise to install these parts and perform maintenance on your printer to enable it to go another 2-3 years or 200,000 prints.

Some cheaper printers, particularly inkjets are not cost effective to repair. Throw away and buy new is the answer.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all new printers come with a full set of ink or toner. Many are supplied with starter packs. When a printer costs £50 and comes with £40 worth of ink, you need to ask yourself - can this be right ?

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