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Remote Control

Definition:- Accessing a Computer or Office Network from another Location.

Remote AccessWith the growth of broadband, it is becoming increasingly possible to log into your organisation's network from anywhere you happen to be.

There are several reasons why you might want remote access to a computer in your office or elsewhere.

» People needing access to their office network or server while on the move.

» Managers needing access to their office PC whilst away on business.

» Users who want to work from home.

» Branch office staff needing access to files and resources on a server in the central office.

» User support staff for fixing PC or server problems.

With technology advancing all the time, there is a solution for just about every remote access scenario you are likely to come across. What solution you choose will obviously depend on your specific requirements, and the budget you have available.

We can setup remote access for you very easily.

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