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Hardware UpgradeUpgrading your hardware and/or software is a great way to get more from your computer. Be aware that laptop computers are not nearly as upgradable as desktop PCs.

Every component in a desktop PC can be purchased and replaced, but only certain components of a laptop computer can be upgraded, and the ability to replace laptop components depends on the make/model.

Server upgrades should be left to specialists like PW Computers.

MemoryThe best way to boost performance, is to increase the RAM (random access memory) in the computer, or fit a new high speed, high capacity hard drive.

Note that if you have a brand-name computer, such as those sold by high street retailers, standard PC components might not fit in a proprietary case. If that is the case, the only source of upgrade components is the PC manufacturer, and the components will usually cost much more than standard PC components.

Therefore, if you have a brand-name PC, find out if you have to use proprietary components to upgrade it, because if that is the case, standard PC components can't be used. Unfortunately, that cheap purchase you made initially, may turn out to be an expensive purchase in the long run.

Windows 7Changing the operating system can provide a significant boost for your computer. This is not an option that should be considered lightly. Our recommendation is not to purchase the 'upgrade' package, but the 'full product'. Don't be fooled by the cheaper upgrade path. For instance, what happens if your PC develops a fault and Windows needs re-installing. You need to install the old version, then install the upgrade package (twice the work). Many users don't even have the original installation media to enable this to be done.

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